World Youth Day Rio
Diocese of Broken Bay

In preparation for the upcoming WYD 2013 RIO this unique illustration was painstakingly prepared piece-by-piece for the July 2012 BBN cover. We wanted to create something that would standout amidst the over-used photographic representation of the famous icon of Rio, plus bring out the essence of World Youth Day

Project Inclusions
  • Broken Bay News Cover July 2012

We were humbled when this piece of design was awarded the BEST COVER BRONZE at the 2013 Mailcare Australasian Religious Press Association Awards for Excellence.

BBN Cover

Encouraging Words
“An original use of creative typography combined with a rich tapestry of colourful imagery to reveal the silhouette of the iconic Christ Redeemer Statue. Its bright colours and well- crafted design exudes the vibrancy of World Youth Day and Rio, and shouts “pick me up and read me!”

Judge’s comments
The Australasian Religious Press Association awards for excellence in design and creativity.

     M O R E    T E S T I M O N I A L S

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