125 years Anniversary Sisters of Mercy Parramatta

Taking off on the suggested line ‘Weaving the threads of mercy’, we used actual threads to illustrate the works of Catherine McAuley that are still carried on by the Sisters of today and from here will be taken forward by individuals and organisations into the future and into various directions. However diverse this influence could go it will always remain connected to the main source of mercy.

Project Inclusions
  • Catholic Outlook Wrap
  • Pullup Banner
SoM 125 years Wrap Outside

SoM 125 years Wrap Inside
Encouraging Words
“When the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta last year were celebrating 125 years since their arrival in Parramatta and we wanted to produce a wrap around for an edition of Catholic Outlook, Mervyn and Liz Soares from THE LMent were recommended to us.

The relationship we had for that production and since surpassed all my expectations. Mervyn and Liz are creative, passionate and professional. They showed great respect for our wishes yet challenged us to think broadly. Nothing was too much trouble to them.

We wished to use our Mercy Cross in the design and were amazed when, in order to get a 3D effect, found that they had embroidered it onto material. I was particularly grateful for their patience when we were trying to get the wrap just right.

The result was a truly beautiful representation of 125 years of Mercy history expressed in a dynamic, contemporary and colourful way. This was only accomplished through many, many hours of work, several meetings even on weekends, all done in a short time frame with such a friendly manner. We have since asked Mervyn and Liz to some other work for us and we are always very pleased with the results. ”

Sister Mary-Louise Petro rsm
Congregation Vicar
Sisters of Mercy – Parramatta

     M O R E   T E S T I M O N I A L S


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