St Brigid’s Catholic College

Although we have been involved with various school creative projects, this was the first time we were invited from the very inception of an academic idea, even before the building was constructed. It was a pleasure working with the Broken Bay Diocese Schools Office and the Principal in developing the brand image for all material including the uniforms. The logo creation was a motivation from the Cross that St Brigid used to weave. We created a graphic version of the cross and amalgamated it with a flame to translate the motto of the college. We believe we have stayed true to the brief of creating a modern logo unlike the usual crest/emblem look.

Project Inclusions
  • Logo design
  • Brand image
  • Collateral and advertising material
  • Lapel pin
  • Uniform
  • Signage + Pullup Banner

Production of lapel pins, brochures, signage & pullup banners

Lapel Pin

Encouraging Words
“Mervyn and Liz have listened to our thoughts and then used their creative flair to design outstanding products. Their Catholic faith background has enabled them to have a real understanding of the importance of conveying our mission and values through our publications. They have been very accommodating and committed to ensuring our complete satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending them!

Our logo in particular is an example of creative genius- it captures the symbols and spirit of St Brigid in a modern form of which we are very proud.

Julie Terry
St Brigid’s Catholic College

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