Our every project starts with a prayer. This guarantees that the ideas we generate are not from us, but inspired by the highest creative entity.

Leading Up To The LMent

The LMent is a boutique design studio that provides creative solutions to a diverse range of sectors, from the main-stream corporate companies, healthcare providers, academic entities and not-for-profit organisations. We are a team of like-minded Catholic creatives with 35 years of combined professional experience across the globe, working with the likes of Ogilvy, Lowe Lintas & Partners and FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding global advertising agency network) – to name a few. With our belief in King David’s philosophy that ‘A simple approach when delivered skilfully can bring about amazing results’, and with the power of the mustard seed, we can confidently say that we are on a mission to provide creative solutions.


Our approach to any project we undertake (big or small) is that, it has to serve its purpose. Our designs are always concept driven and have an objective attached to them. Yes, we do package these concepts in aesthetically and logically clever layouts but the main core of the creative is always driven by the idea. The idea that needs to sell and especially in the case of faith based projects, essentially touch hearts. Our concepts are an assortment of unique visuals, creative headlines and supporting copy that collectively promotes the idea. We encourage our clients to contribute towards the factual, product or service specific content.

Integrated Design & Advertising
    The more diverse the media, the better stretch of the grey cells. From corporate branding to designing an informative 108 pages Annual Report, we are completely comfortable in providing creative solutions to any marketing or advertising tool. We will not only cater to what your want but will will also recommend what you need and the best you can get, within your budget. A list of our design repertoire is mentioned on this page, not just as our portfolio but also as a checklist or idea starter for your next project.


The advantage of having your creative team manage the production pathway is a guarantee that what was conceptualised is very very close to what the final production will be – whether its interactive media, moving images, signage or promotional items. To make it a one-stop-shop we provide all forms of production solutions and executions. In addition to that and following our extensive experience we have built partnerships and alliances with various production house who enjoy working with us for our professionalism and creative exploiting opportunities.

Print & Publishing
    Once the design is approved there are various steps to be taken to ensure that the final printed book or collateral looks very similar to the approved design. Prepress expertise, choice of paper stock, determination of digital or offset pathway, negotiation with machine scheduling, proof check, costing, etc … we will monitor every step of the production until the final delivery is arranged to your doorstep. We treat and care every printed material as our own during its final production process.
Video & Sound
    With formal qualifications in both design and video, we offer a complete solution for any of your video or sound requirement. Be it a promo video you want for your organisation or a visual documentation of the next conference, we are more than happy to assist you in the pre-production, production and post production pathways. All we need to know is what you want, the date and the venue and we can plan, advice and execute all details from filming the even, crew, equipment, motion graphics, until the final mastered and authored DVD or digital copy.
Website & Interactive
    Moving with the development of technology, we jumped up on the new media wagon in its very early days, with designing our very first website back in 1997. Since then, our approach has changed as much as technology has developed. From flash animations to woo-commerce shopping carts, from interactive applications to animated gifs, we are happy to partner with you and facilitate your ideas/services on the cyber or intranet platforms.
Signage & Display
    It can be just a budget pull-up banner you are after, or a complete portable display solution for your promotion, or a permanent unique fabricated signage in front of your building. Following the design concept we will assist you in determining the material, costings and time required for any display, signage or environmental graphic project you may require.
Promotional Items
    Give aways, mementos, awards or a just branded T-shirts for the staff. Depending on the time-period and the budget, we can help you produce your branded promotional items here locally in Australia or from overseas. Whether it is a moulded hard enamel Lapel pin or a printed tote bags, all you need to do is to ask the questions and we can discuss the options to making it a reality for you.

Please send us an email at if you would like a comprehensive catalogue of our production services.


We can undertake anything that has the need for a creative contribution.
Mentioned below is a media list of project types we can undertake:


• Corporate Identity
• Corporate Branding
• Advertising (above and below the line)
• Annual reports (Large documents)
• Catalogues
• Fiction & non-fiction book designs
• Posters
• Technical & Instructional drawings
• Infographics
• Fundraising campaigns
• Brochures
• POS material
• Information packages
• Newsletters
• Manuals
• Packaging
• Story Books
• Coffee Table Books
• Magazine Design


• Storyboards
• 2D Animation
• Animatics
• Filming on location
• Motion Graphics
• Video Edit
• DVD Authoring
• Sound Design
• Sound Edit
• Animated / Video eCards
• Animated Infographics


• UX/UI design
• Website management
• Animated Web Banners
• Static Web Banners
• eNewsletter
• Assets for online advertising and EDMs
• Static or animated Buttons / Icons
• Social Media content
• eBooks/Flip Books


• Infographics
• Story Books
• Comic strips
• Characterisation
• Pocket Cartoons
• Magazine articles
• Instructional or informative
• Acrylic on Canvas
• Wall Murals
• Children’s Books / Magazines
• Digital / Stylised


• Outdoor Advertising
• Wayfinding design
• Environmental Graphics
• Banners
• Promotional Material Design


• Still Photography
• Art direction for Photo-shoots
• Advanced photo-editing
• eBooks / Flip Books
• Promotional Items

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