PeriNatal Palliative Care (PNPC)

When we talk of being creative while being simple, sometimes it is best to tell it how it is. Especially when the subject is delicate and involves small innocent fatalities.

When we received the brief for this project we knew we need not be creative or clever in what we develop but instead help realise and celebrate the positive in this – however small it may be.



Encouraging Words
“LMent created the logo for the perinatal palliative care website, a simply beautiful logo that shows the love of two people holding their baby, a baby who may not have survived long enough to be born alive, or died shortly after birth. This incredibly sensitive website deserved the development of an equally sensitive logo and The LMent created this logo from the brief of what we were trying to achieve as a Catholic health care system, that is to reach out to those families and children who have been affected in this way”.

Liz Callaghan
Director of Strategic Policy
Catholic Health Australia

     M O R E    T E S T I M O N I A L S

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