Faith in our Future Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

We used the candle concept as the Catholic source of light and also a representation of Faith. With the inclusions of the four categories (Families, Youth, Ethnic diversity & Clergy) within each segment of the flame, we expressed that coming together would increase the size of the flame hence making it a bigger and a more vibrant source for Faith in our Future.

We maintained the requirement of the brief of a clean white look which would easily lend itself to be adapted throughout the insides of the document and also through other material of the campaign.

Project Inclusions
  • 72 page Pastoral Plan document
  • An 8 page summary document
  • Prayer cards + 4 prayer sheets
  • Worksheets for parishes
  • Posters
  • Stationery
  • Graphics for website interface
  • Video intro motion graphics
  • CD + DVD Disc label + cover design
  • Catholic Outlook cover + inside article
  • 5 different language letter sheets

Production of the 72 page and 8 page Pastoral Plan + Posters + Prayer cards + Language sheets

Big Resource

Info Graphics
Prayer Cards
Encouraging Words
“I found The LMent to be an exceptional team of professionals who have understood our values and aspirations and translated these into contemporary and engaging designs. Their attention to detail and desire to meet our specific needs resulted in a smooth production process and a quality final product, both in hardcopy and online. The design services provided by theLMent added value to our work and enabled us to engage our community with visual appeal and conceptual clarity.”

Daniel Ang
Director, Pastoral Planning Office
Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

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