7th National eConference
The Broken Bay Institute & Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

The Brief

“We are trying to look for artwork for our next eConference, which is on Vatican II – an Event of Grace. We are looking at abstract, artistic images so that people are called to think about what they might be learning.
Some of the themes we have discussed are: Holy Spirit Going Out to the World, Warm Colours – red, yellow, white, Reaching up to Receive, Dove, Raining Grace down on people.”

Our Design Rationale

We took on board the brief and translated most of the aspects. The simple rationale behind the design was that because of the Holy Spirit, all of us are inter-linked and connected within a network of grace. The result was quite apparent.

Project Inclusions
  • Unique illustration to form the concept
  • Advertisements, flyers & marketing material
  • Web banners
  • DVD Slick & Label
  • Pullup Banner



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